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Wish You Were Here – Crocuses blooming in Ontario

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Crocuses in Snow

It’s been a long and dreary winter – especially in the Great White North! The folks at our Canadian branch – serving Canadian customers out of West Lorne, Ontario – can’t wait to see some signs of spring. The earliest of all of our spring bulbs, crocuses can sprout up right through the snow! These delicate flowers are a welcome sight, and give a great natural look to lawns and gardens.

Crocus look small and delicate, but they’re extremely winter-hardy. Our Canadian service team should know – we carry a variety of bulbs selected for their hardiness here in the colder North American planting zones. Here in Ontario, just as in the U.S., crocuses provide the brightest colors of our early-blooming spring bulbs – we just love the classic array of golden yellows, snowy whites, and vibrant purples. Crocuses are also available in bi-color and streaked varieties, as well as unique magenta and blue hues!

Breck’s crocuses are shipped directly from Holland, where crocus have been cultivated into these gorgeous varieties for centuries. But, many gardeners don’t know that crocuses are actually native not to Holland, but to the Mediterranean region. Crocuses, along with tulips, were first brought to Holland by an ambassador from the Holy Roman Empire. And, what a gift it was! Crocuses were grown in Greece to produce saffron, used in seasoning and dyes. However, the bulb’s hardiness and natural woodland habitat translated into fantastic ornamental uses. Today, gardeners fill beds with these early-sprouting flowers – sure to give a great show while other bulbs are still hibernating – or plant them en mass in grassy areas for a naturalized look. Crocuses multiply each season and return in greater numbers the following year.

Available to order now for fall delivery and planting, Breck’s selection of premium crocuses is sure to add that first pop of color to your garden next spring! Whether you’re looking for the tiniest flowers or giant crocuses, we’d love to bring that “winter is almost over” feeling to your home.

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February 20, 2015
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