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Trumpet Daffodils – the flower of the year!

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Trumpet daffodils have been named this year’s “flower of the year” by iBulb, a gardening information center in the Netherlands. iBulb chooses this annual award by looking at bulb sales and popularity. Parrot tulips were all the rage in 2013, and have become the centerpiece of many borders and beds.  The classic trumpet daffodil is, perhaps, the perfect compliment for those frilly, flash tulips. Trumpets have made a big splash in Dutch and American gardens this spring!

Did you know that daffodils are categorized by the ratio of the size of the corona to the size of the petals? The “cups,” or coronas, of a large-cupped daffodil cultivar is longer than one-third, but less than equal, to the length of the petals. Small-cupped daffodils have cups shorter than one-third the length of the petals. Trumpet daffodils’ cups are longer than the petals – and that unique look is what makes them such a hit for gardeners!

This group of daffodils features some of the most varied colors. Most trumpet daffodils feature big blooms, but these may appear in yellow, white, peach or even pink. Try mixing them together, or grab a mixed bag – Breck’s Trumpet Daffodil Collection and Trumpet Daffodil Mixture have great color combos – to vary up the look of your trumpet garden. Or, try bicolored trumpet daffodils – you’ll love the classic shape and unique color variation!

Trumpet daffodils are great for naturalizing, and they are unappetizing to deer and exceptionally hardy. Daffodils tend to come back year after year, especially when they’re provided plenty of sun. They typically bloom in April or May – their popularity is sure to stay strong next year, so keep your daffodil beds on trend with trumpet daffodils!

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June 12, 2014