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Summer bulbs for a relaxing garden

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Hoping to stress less in the new year? Gardening is a great way to decompress! Gardening promotes mental health – being outdoors and surrounded has been shown to reduce stress. Many gardeners say that the actions of digging, planting, weeding, can help to calm nerves after a hectic day, and moving around the garden can provide a little stress-relieving exercise. Plus, an uncluttered garden provides a soothing look and feel to your home!

When you plant summer bulbs in the spring, they’ll be in glorious bloom this very summer – by picking the right combination of flowers, you can create a relaxing space to look forward to this year. Try using soft colors, flowers with curved petals, and soft foliage for that picture-perfect zen garden. Summer bulbs also provide a light, fresh scent to your garden – try cannas or freesias to bring that bright, refreshing smell to your porch or patio.

A simple garden is a peaceful one, so try matching colors to keep that calm and collected look! Using summer bulbs, you can create a tidy patio with simple design elements. Try planting a monochrome assortment of begonias in white or solid-colored pots. Or, match dahlias to your patio furniture or garden decor.

Courtesy of iBulb.

Courtesy of iBulb.

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