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Planting perfect peonies

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Sarah Bernhardt Peony

At the borders, hedges, along the walkways, in containers or the center of the garden bed, peonies always appear a picture of breathtaking splendor. No-fuss, adaptable and very versatile, peonies are the perfect plant for every spot you want beautified, including those hard-to-make-presentable spaces in part shade. Just find them the right place and conditions and, with just a little care, you can savor their joyous company for decades to come.

Fall is the best time for planting peonies. A sunny or partly shaded spot with slightly acidic (pH 6.5 to 7.0), well-drained soil has all the makings of the perfect planting site for peonies. Heavier soils will require amending, easily achieved by mixing adequate amounts of compost and other organic matter. Your peonies are going to be around, living at this site for decades (even longer, hopefully), so try and enrich it to the best of your resources. Plant peony roots with the eyes looking up, no more than 2-3 inches under the soil surface. This will leave them perfectly placed to experience the winter chill they so relish. Refill and water thoroughly. Peonies don’t take too kindly to being crowded. Make sure to plant them 3-4 feet apart from one another.

A quick note to our friends in the South: you’d do well to pick early-blooming peonies. Plant these late in the fall, at a depth of 1 inch. And make sure to provide the roots with some shade.

Check on the young plants regularly and irrigate whenever the soil appears dry in the root zone. Waiting’s always the hardest part for me! Wait till spring, nonetheless, and prepare to be wowed!

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May 12, 2015
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