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Irises – perfect for fall planting!

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Reblooming Tall Bearded Iris Mixture

With looks to rival the beauty of the rainbow-riding Greek messenger of the gods it’s named after, and a spectrum of colors to dwarf the rainbow itself, the iris is a quintessential ornamental and an obvious garden favorite. The iris is very reliable, hardy and easy to grow. But that isn’t all – there are countless reasons why must plant irises this fall. Since we just wrapped up our iris harvest for the season, let’s look at a few of those reasons!

Stunning, long-lasting color

There are over 300 iris varieties, many of which have varied blooming times. Many tall bearded irises bloom early in spring, lasting well into early summer. Then there are Siberian and Japanese iris varieties that bloom from mid-spring till early summer, and other beardless irises that bloom from late spring to mid-summer. Rebloomers, something of a subset of the bearded iris family, will flower again in the latter part of summer and can last right through fall. Carefully selecting irises depending on their time of bloom will help keep your garden alive with color and beauty right from early spring to fall!

Myriad garden uses

One of the most wonderful things about irises is the variety they offer in terms of plant form and height which means there’s an iris for every purpose and location! Tall bearded irises, for instance, are excellent for perennial borders. Siberian and bearded irises are a great addition to cutting gardens. If you’re planning for a rock garden, look into dwarf bearded irises!

Attracting hummingbirds

Hummingbirds aren’t the easiest fluffy avian to attract. If, however, you happen to be an iris lover, they’ll come easy, and in large number. Hummingbirds really have a thing for the striking, nectar rich iris flowers. Putting up a hummingbird feeder, a bird bath and cutting out chemical pesticides will further enhance the number of hummingbirds that visit your garden.

Irises ready for harvest

Irises ready for harvest.

Why buy direct from Holland?

When you buy your irises, be sure to look for irises shipped fresh from harvest. Direct shipment means that the rhizomes haven’t rested for months in a warehouse – all that time waiting can mean an exposure to a great deal of preservatives and contaminants, and makes it harder for the plant to adapt to its new soil when planted. Breck’s uses pesticides responsibly, and ships directly from the rhizomes harvest – reducing the shock for the iris plant and enabling better growth and beautiful, breathtaking flowers! Be sure to visit Breck’s Iris Lovers page for the newest varieties available this fall.

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