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How to Grow Crocosmia Plants

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Gorgeous flowers, striking foliage and captivating aroma- Crocosmia plants are perfect for background and border planting and look stunning in the middle of the flower bed. Another benefit of growing crocosmia plants is the ready supply of cut flowers for ornamental use. Want to grow crocosmias? Read on.

Crocosmia plants relish fertile soil with good drainage. Make sure the location for planting crocosmia bulbs gets full sun for at least 4-5 hours a day. You can plant the bulbs in spring, after the threat of frosts is past. For areas with poor quality soil, I’d recommend adding organic compost or peat moss to enrich the soil. The hole for planting crocosmia bulb should be 4-5 inches deep. Also, allow a separation of 3-4 inches between the plants. This will ensure the plants have ample room for growth. Refill and water generously.

Keep you plants well watered during the early part of the growing plants. Established plants are resistant to drought and should be watered only when the soil appears dry. Mulch the plants after planting. Mulch serves by repelling weeds and retaining moisture in the soil. Remove the mulch in fall and replace it with a thicker layer to help protect the plants from the cold. Pruning is an important part of crocosmia care. It helps rejuvenate the plants and allows the opportunity to get rid of the dead and damaged foliage. Make sure to dispose of the discarded foliage at a safe distance.

Growing crocosmia plants is a great way of adding to your garden’s appeal. Recommended to all!

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March 3, 2012
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