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A rose by…what name?

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Smokin' Hot Hybrid Tea Rose

Roses – even a small bunch in the right spot can transform a regular garden into the most talked- about and envied in the neighborhood! Roses aren’t nearly as hard to grow as they’re sometimes made out to be. The tough part with growing roses is- choosing the type of rose to grow! When you’re looking for big, classic roses, you’ll run across a few terms categorizing these lovely plants. Take a look at some of America’s favorite roses and give it a go!

Floribunda rose

Floribundas are compact, hardy plants with more than one flower per stem- you’ll have an abundance of small, showy, very fragrant flowers during the growing season. Floribundas are typically 2’ to 4’ tall, excellent for hedges and borders. Floribunda roses are known to be resistant to common rose diseases. For max color impact, group them together in beds or along sidewalks or driveways.

Hybrid Tea rose

Perhaps the most popular of the lot, Hybrid teas are usually up to 5’ tall, with big, high-centered flowers sitting elegantly atop long stems. Hybrid tea roses are double or semi-double blooming, which means there’s plenty of petals, and that we’ve found the perfect rose for cutting! Hybrid teas tend to re bloom throughout the growing season. They make stunning “specimen plants” when planted throughout the garden and are excellent accent in a bed of perennials.

Grandiflora rose

Grandifloras embody the best of Floribundas and hybrid teas. A relatively new classification of roses, they’re vigorous, tall (usually 4’ to 6’) and gorgeous! Grandiflora flowers have the classic “tea rose” shape of the hybrid tea roses and are displayed throughout the season, either alone or in clusters. The long stems make them ideal for cutting. Grandifloras are ideal as the centerpiece in perennial gardens, and look fetching in the hedges. Great for dressing up unsightly spots and adding color to the bad of a border or bed.

Breck’s has a brand-new crop of these big, beautiful hybrid roses for 2015! I’m looking forward to adding to my hybrid tea rose garden with the addition of the variated red Smokin’ Hot Hybrid Tea Rose and Breck’s newest celebrity rose, the Elizabeth Taylor rose. The Doris Day Floribunda Rose would be the perfect addition to a cottage garden, with their big custard-yellow blooms. Check our Breck’s new roses and start dreaming about your spring rose garden!

Doris Day Floribunda Rose

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December 9, 2014
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