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A Rose by Any Other Name? I Think Not!

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Downton Abbey Roses are Coming … Yes, I admit it. I am hooked on Downton Abbey. I am in good company, though, as this popular award-winning PBS Masterpiece Classic series has taken the country by storm. As I anxiously await the premier of the fourth season in January, I am delighted to hear that Breck’s will offer a new line of roses inspired by the series, hybridized by Weeks Roses.

Downton“Our Downton Abbey roses will be elegant, beautiful, and romantic but also surprisingly dramatic and tenacious … just like the show and characters that so many have come to love,” says Karen Kemp-Docksteader, Sales & Marketing Manager for Weeks Roses.

Downton Abbey is set in the early part of the 20th century, and tells the story of the family who lives there and the dedicated staff who tends to their every need. The Abbey itself is almost a character, requiring a complicated routine to maintain. The gardens surrounding the Abbey also provide a setting for the characters’ interactions. Roses were an especially important part of garden design in the Victorian and Edwardian eras – no decent English garden would be without them. They were a source of pride, and competitive exhibitions were very popular. Such a competition was a minor subplot in the first season, when people pointed out that the roses entered by the Dowager Countess of Grantham always won.

The first of the Downton Abbey Roses is available in extremely limited quantities. It is a stunning grandiflora rose called Anna’s Promise™, named for the steadfast, always reliable character of Anna Bates. It has large, lush blooms of novel coloring: golden tan and blush pink, each petal displaying a striking copper reverse. Constantly in bloom throughout the season, clusters of flowers cover a nicely rounded bush that is well clothed with deep green, glossy foliage. A spicy-sweet, fruity fragrance adds to its already immense appeal, both in the garden and in lavish bouquets indoors.

Anna and Mr. BatesGrandiflora roses combine the best characteristics of hybrid tea roses – statuesque height and large, well-formed blooms – with the clustering trait of floribundas for a multitude of blooms that continually repeats throughout  the season. Very versatile in the landscape, grandiflora roses are regal in the back border and are perfect privacy screens. And you just have to cut one stem for a delightful bouquet to grace your table! Fans will exercise no restraint in order to be among the first to obtain this remarkable new rose for their gardens. I urge you not to hesitate – order now at (I love that olde English speak!)

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